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Smokin Good Wood is a local family owned business based out of Calgary, Alberta. We bring quality firewood in from BC and Saskatchewan for indoor and outdoor fireplaces, wood-burning pizza ovens, fire pits, and campfires.  Our clean and stacked selection of kiln-dried, seasoned or BioFlame Briquettes can be delivered right to your door.

Firewood Briquettes

BioFlame is a business dedicated to producing an environmentally friendly and efficient alternative for heating. We produce a great product that limits the environmental impact associated with heating a home or business.

100% all natural wood

No artificial binders

High energy efficiency

Reduced storage volume

Renewable resource

Less smoke than firewood

Minimal ash

No chemicals

BioFlame Briquettes 12 per pack.

Seasoned Wood

Seasoned BC Birch is a hardwood that is very popular for indoor fireplaces. It lights easily, and it is unlikely to send out any sparks causing burn marks on your floor or carpet.

Seasoned Douglas Fir is a softwood that gives off very few sparks and produces good heat.

Seasoned Larch is a softwood but is actually harder than some hard woods.  When it is seasoned, it burns very hot and gives off a lot of heat.

Seasoned Birch is another hardwood that is great for indoor fireplaces. It gives off a considerable amount of heat without throwing out sparks.

Seasoned Pine is a softwood that lights quickly. It is better suited to outdoor fires as it spits and sparks from the sap content.

Seasoned Tamarack is very similar to Larch and is a harder softwood that gives off a lot of heat.

Kiln-Dried Wood

Kiln-dried Birch is drier than the seasoned birch, it gives off a lot of heat and lasts longer than some of the softer wood options.

Kiln-dried Pine is a drier softwood compared to Seasoned Pine. It is better suited to outdoor fires as it spits and sparks from the sap content.

Kiln-dried Tamarack is drier than the Seasoned Tamarack. It is a great pick for indoor fires since it throws off a lot of heat and burns well.

 Bio Flame Briquettes are manufactured using waste sawdust from the wood industry.  The high pressure and the natural resins in the sawdust hold the bricks together. There are no waxes or harmful chemicals used in the binding process of BioFlame Briquettes. 



At Smokin Good Wood, we offer a selection of firewood for indoor and outdoor fireplaces, that is either kiln-dried or seasoned.  All the wood is cut into 16” lengths and then chopped into manageable sizes for all fireplaces, outdoor fire pits, and campfires.



To make payment easy and safe, we accept payments online with our secure Shopify account or will accept email transfers.



Once you have chosen your firewood, our goal is to deliver the wood to your house as fast as possible. The wood will be brought to your driveway and left stacked in a mesh bag for you to place wherever works best for you.



Kiln-dried wood is a clean wood that lights and burns with ease. It gives off more heat than seasoned wood, which has been left to dry out on its own.